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Berocca custom point of sale display Sony custom point of sale display
Brita custom point of sale display Masha custom point of sale display
Lee Stafford custom point of sale display Canesten custom point of sale display
Opal Nera custom point of sale display Invisible Zinc custom point of sale display
Philips custom point of sale display Asics custom point of sale display
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Custom Point Of Sale Displays

It’s not easy forging a connection with consumers, and every company faces its own unique challenges. Sometimes the answer is a tailor-made point of sale display. Over the years we have helped hundreds of businesses create eye-catching POS solutions that move merchandise.

Here’s a few examples of the highly-successful point of sale displays we have delivered.

Berocca – when sales need a boost

The brief was to create a distinctive point of sale display for dedicated locations that Berocca had negotiated with large retailers. The challenge was to produce something appropriate and robust for high-traffic environments but not too heavy to transport and assemble. The result was a big and bold – but surprisingly lightweight – display that gave sales a performance enhancing boost.




Stand out features

  • Dominating presence with high-capacity
  • Eye-catching header and edge lighting (thanks to Evolution’s proprietary LED reflector system)
  • Robust yet impressively lightweight
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Sony – towering above the competition

Sometimes it is not enough to showcase a brand, you need to create a functional point of sale display that allows customers to experience the product. In Sony’s case the company wanted a contemporary and mobile display that enticed consumers to trial six different headphones.




Stand out features

  • Triangular shape allowing the display’s use in in a variety of locations, such as corners and aisle ends
  • Individual display and listening stations for six varieties of headphones
  • Blue Fluro edge–lit acrylic aesthetically shaped to produce a chic hi-tech presence
  • Changeable graphic panels with matching brochure holders
  • Lockable inner lit display cabinet
  • Lockable storage for head phone stock in tower base
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Brita – a refreshing solution

Brita’s customised point of sale display distinguished itself on several levels, not least because it’s possibly the largest point of sale display ever produced for an Australian brand. Evolution Displays’ designed and manufactured these ‘gondola ends’ to ensure Brita’s merchandise commanded a dominating presence in 160 K-Mart outlets.




Stand out features

  • Fluoro-edge, LED lighting (via custom designed projectable reflectors)
  • Incremental modular panels (to fit various sized gondolas)
  • Changeable promotional panels (below main side graphic)
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Masha – a smooth seasonal solution

This compact point of sale display perfectly illustrates the impact that clever design can achieve. Not only does the attractive and accessible display house the appliance in a vac-formed tray, interchangeable header cards – which can be switched to suit seasonal changes – allowed the company to capitalise on buying cycles and market trends.




Stand out features

  • A vacuum-formed product tray with product feature decal
  • Lightweight, minimalistic design
  • Interchangeable back graphics to suit seasonal promotions
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Lee Stafford custom retail pos displays

Lee Stafford Hair Care – pretty unmissable

Lee Stafford is an award-winning hairdresser with a striking range of hair care products. A confident, angular point of sale display stand – thermoformed and printed in Lee Stafford’s signature translucent “fluoro” pinks – provided a contrast with the containers’ classic round edges. This little work of art demonstrated perfect harmony between product and display.




Stand out features

  • Seamless thermoformed base
  • Simple, yet elegant logo sublimation
  • Striking colour selection to match product
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Canesten – a ‘Mini-Theatre’ steals the show

A small but powerful display helped Canesten overcome an unusual challenge to selling its Fungal Nail Treatment. In Australia pharmacies are restricted from selling products such as these off the shelf and instead must “dispense” them by instructing buyers on their correct use.

Our solution was to turn pharmacy counters into compelling “mini-theatres”, with Canesten’s stage featuring dummy packages housed inside clear plastic sleeves, allowing consumers to look and touch the product before speaking with a pharmacist for more details.

This POS display may have had a small footprint but it punched way above its weight, helping Canesten standout in a restrictive – and competitive – marketplace.




Stand out features

  • A POS ‘theatre’ featuring a thermoformed base with embossed gel front and top “badges”
  • Each product completely visible but enclosed in clear plastic sleeve with changeable top message
  • Holds two dummy packs and brochures, and includes a feature reminder list at rear for pharmacists
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Opal Nera – Italian style, Australian ingenuity

To create a platform for Opal Nera – one of the world’s premium brands of Sambuca – we employed multiple design elements, including an integrated LED lighting system that used combinations of gloss and mirrored acrylic. The elegant and arresting effect proved exceptionally popular with consumers.




Stand out features

  • Combination gloss/mirrored acrylic with metallic standoffs
  • LED lighting incorporated within design
  • Light weight, compact eye-catching design with small footprint
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Invisible Zinc – in a very visible display

The aim was to showcase Invisible Zinc’s range in a stylish stand-out display. Laser-cut and polished tinted plastics were used to engineer a clean, sharp and eye-catching display, which gives customers easy access to the products. Customers were intrigued and sales were swift.




Stand out features

  • The display is made from Acrylic with direct printed reverse branding
  • The brand stands out in busy environments
  • Cost-effective design, but with premium look and feel
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Phillips Arcitec custom retail pos displays

Philips – an electric ‘mini-theatre’

Philips’ innovative Arcitec Shaver was perfectly suited to a “mini-theatre” point of sale display and our tailor-made counter top solution drew attention to the product’s quality and originality. Despite its relatively small size, the display drew consumers and quickly and effectively communicated product features in surprising detail.




Stand out features

  • Slide-in info panels
  • Creative thermo-formed base, highlighting the unique three blade feature
  • Interchangeable rear graphic
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Asics window display – the centre of attention

Asics wanted not just to be included in crowded shop-front window displays, they wanted to ensure they stood out. The solution was this display. Not needing any of the limited window-display shelf-space, by necessity the display’s window suction caps ensure it is as close to the window as you can get. The display gives an impression of weightlessness and lightness, reinforcing what shoppers are looking for in a running shoe.




Stand out features

  • Manufactured with acrylic and printed panels
  • Suction cups display the shoes anywhere on the inside of the shopfront’s window
  • Minimalist design showcases the product
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